The main race subota 26.08.2023.
Organizer Triatlon asocijacija u BiH i Triatlon i pentatlon savez FBiH
Race director Elmir Miro Hadžialić
Chief Judge Adnan Džumhur
Technical delegate Amir Jamak


Dear Triathletes,

Welcome to the 20th International Triathlon Cup "Kulin Ban" Boračko Lake 2023. It is our special honor to organize another, 20th edition of the triathlon race, on the occasion of the 833rd anniversary of the issuance of the Charter of Kulin Ban.

With the number of twenty organized triathlon competitions, we have entered the circle of the oldest triathlon races in Europe.

This year's competition is also the National Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina in triathlon, and the races are scored for the Triathlon League of BiH.

The triathlon race is held on Boračko Lake located in the heart of the Prenj Mountain, near the town of Konjic, famous for its woodcarving, rafting, tourist attractions, beautiful bazaar and numerous old crafts.

The swimming takes place in one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cycling path takes you through a beautiful region known primarily for the untamed cliffs of the mountains Visočica, Bjelašnica, and Prenj. The running track follows the lakeshore and ends with a passage through an orchard of plums and apples. The transition zone is in the immediate vicinity of the swimming start and the finish line.

Bring family and friends with you and celebrate your athletic accomplishments with them.

We look forward to spending time with you and welcome you to our three sports competition!

Race director: Elmir Miro Hadžialić

Competition program

Friday, August 25, 2023.

17:00 20:00  preuzimanje startnih paketa za sva takmičenja

Saturday, August 26, 2023.


08:30 10:30 Collection of starting packages for the aquathlon

10:3010:50 Transition zone open for check-in Fledglings A, B, and C

10:5011:00 Short technical meeting and roll call of the Fledglings

11:00                       Start of Aquathlon 300 - Fledglings C

11:10                       Start of Aquathlon 600 - Fledglings B

11:25                       Start of Aquathlon 1200 - Fledglings A

11:40                      Aquathlon transition zone open for check-out

11:45                       Announcement of aquathlon winners for all categories

Sprint Triathlon

08:30 – 12:00  collection of starting packages for the sprint triathlon

12:0013:00  brifing za sprint distancu obavezan za sve takmičare

13:3013:45   opening of the event

13:4514:45  sprint triathlon transition zone open for check-in

14:5515:00   short technical meeting and roll call of sprint triathlon competitors

15:00                 start sprint triatlona za muške takmičare

15:05                 start sprint triatlona za ženske takmičarke

16:10                       sprint triathlon transition zone open for check-out

17:30                 Winner Announcement and Awards and award ceremony

20:00                      Party


All categories are divided into male and female. In addition to the absolute category, competitors will be sorted into categories according to the year of birth in the following way:


  • Born in 2015 - 2014 - Fledglings C
  • Born in 2013 - 2012 - Fledglings B
  • Born in 2011 - 2010 - Fledglings A


Sprint Triathlon

  • Born in 2009 - 2008 - Cadets
  • Born in 2007 - 2005 - Juniors
  • Born in 2004 - 2000 - U23 (younger seniors)
  • Born in 1999 - 1993 - Seniors (absolute)
  • Born in 1992 - 1983 - Age group 1
  • Born in 1982 - 1973 - Age group 2
  • Born in 1972 and older - Age Group 3


Registrations are open until 20.08.2023 and can be made exclusively through the official website of the Triathlon Association in BiH and the Triathlon and Pentathlon Union of BiH. Register now

The participation fee for the competition is 24 EUR (48 KM). Competitors with a TPSBiH license pay 50% of the prescribed fee.

Competitors under 16 years of age are exempt from paying the participation fee.

Competition rules

The competition is conducted in accordance with the World Triathlon and Europa Triathlon rules, which can be found at the following web address: and the rules of the Triathlon and Pentathlon Union of BiH.

All competitors are required to study and know the Rules and Regulations well and adhere to them, in order to avoid possible problems and ambiguities that may arise during the competition. The organizer of the competition reserves the right to change the Rules and Regulations without prior notice. In the event of a change or amendment to the Rules and Regulations, all competitors will be informed in a timely manner.

Safety and medical assistance

Restricted areas will be controlled by guards of the organisation and can only be accessed through the presentation of the bracelet or the corresponding participant accreditation.

Medical services for the organisation along the route, shall be authorized to remove any participant for medical reasons. Any emergency vehicle that needs to use the cycling route will indicate their presence through light and sound signals. In all cases the vehicle will have priority over the triathletes, who must give way.

Requests and complaints

Following the race rules, any participant or coach of any of the clubs registered, may make claims on the provisional results, irregularities of the organisation or on sanctions applied by judges and officials.


Should inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control prevent the holding of the event according to the planned program with all of its segments (Swim, Bike, Run), the organisation will amend the event according to the judge’s decision.


All competitors, as part of their registration, have special benefits for accommodation within Eco Village Boračko Lake. For more options, check out the website: accommodation


The Aquathlon competition is tailored for younger ages, and the distances are adjusted to age groups: fledglings A, B, and C. Participants who do not belong to these age groups cannot register and participate in the aquathlon!

Find out more on the page: Aquathlon

Sprint Triathlon

The standard triathlon competition in a sprint (half-Olympic) format is intended for competitors born in 2008 and older, and consists of the following segments:

  • 750m swimming,
  • 20km cycling
  • 5km running

Start package

All registered competitors receive the following as part of the start package:

  • Electric timing chip that must be worn on the left leg during the whole race
  • Start number
  • Accreditation
  • Finisher's medal and diploma for all who complete the race
  • Sponsorship items

At the time of receiving the start package, each participant must:

  • show an identification document
  • sign a statement to act at your own risk
  • sign a statement on compensation for the lost chip
  • underage competitors must be accompanied by a parent / guardian
  • for underage competitors, the statement must be signed by the parent / guardian

Start packages must be picked up no later than 12:00. Competitors who do not pick up the start package on time will not be able to participate.


Immediately after the race is finished, the award ceremony will begin. Prizes will be awarded by the specified categories, separately for male and female competitors. In addition, there will be a separately organized podium and awarding of medals for competitors who are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so the race will have two podiums: international and local. All sprint triathlon participants participate in the absolute category and compete for the main prize, regardless of age.

The first three places in all categories will be awarded with medals:

  1. First place gold medal
  2. Second place silver medal
  3. Third place bronze medal

The overall female and male winners will receive a trophy. For the top three places in the overall sprint triathlon ranking for male and female competitors, a cash prize is also foreseen as follows:

  1. First place € 300.00
  2. Second place € 200.00
  3. Third place € 100.00

Additional sponsorship packages will be provided for the first three places in all categories.

For the BiH triathlon championship, the first three places in all categories will be awarded with medals:

  1. First place gold medal
  2. Second place silver medal
  3. Third place bronze medal

The overall female and male winner will receive a trophy.

Timing and results

The timing of the race is electronic via chips. According to the technical possibilities, the measurement will be divided into segments. The official results will be published on the notice board and on the official website.


The time limits (cut-off) are as follows:

  1. Plivanje:                               30 minuta
  2. Plivanje + bicikl:                  2 sata i 10 minuta
  1. Swimming + cycling + running: 3 hours

Competitors who fail to complete the competition segments within the above limits will be disqualified from the race, and may continue triathlon at their own risk.


750 m

Eco Village Boračko Lake

1 lap

The swimming segment will be held in the crystal clear water of Boracko Lake. For those who experience Boracko Lake for the first time, we are sure that the experience will be unforgettable.

The start is from the beach within the Eco village, swimming around the buoy in the middle of the lake. The turn is on the right shoulder, and the end of the swim is on the second beach of Eco village near the change zone. The exit will be marked by a large sign, visible from afar.

There will be 2 kayaks and 4 rubber rafting boats, and the entire course will be marked with water balloons and corks.

Swimming equipment

On the day of the competition, the technical delegate will make a decision on the permission to use neoprene swimming suits.

Required to use sponsorship cap that competitors will get a part of the starting package.


20 km

Eco Village Boračko Lake

The bike path passes through the picturesque landscape of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian mountains, following the upper part of the Neretva River, which is known for rafting, fishing and crystal clear and drinkable water.

The trail consists of 1 lap on the road from Eco village to the village Glavatičevo. Ride is strictly the right side. The trail will be closed to traffic for a certain period of time, and since it is not congested with traffic, it will be safe for bicycle traffic even after the traffic is released. Guards will be placed in critical places to additionally warn the competitors.

The first part of the trail, about 5 km long, is over the Košuta pass, and contains an ascent of up to 22%. The descent after the ascent contains several dangerous curves, so all competitors pray for special caution in that part. After the first 5 hilly kilometers, 5 relatively flat or wavy kilometers follow. The turn is at the partisan cemetery near the village of Glavatičevo, where the refreshment station is located.

Each competitor is required to make a turn behind the cone, and pass over the chip sensor for the record, in such a way that the judge can record it as well. Refreshments will be provided at the turn. The return is the same way, the first 5km straight / wavy, the other 5km over the Košuta pass.

A lee between the same sex is allowed.

Cycling equipment

A bicycle safety helmet is required. It is not allowed to receive help from others during the race, whether it is other competitors or someone from outside. The use of road and mountain bikes is allowed. For mountain bikes, we recommend using thinner ones slick tires, adapted for driving on asphalt.

Not allowed to use:

  • chronometer bicycles,
  • use of aerobars,
  • "Full" disc wheels
  • wheels having a rim depth greater than 100mm


5 km

Eco Village Boračko Lake

The running track consists of a full circle around the lake, and one additional lap along the path through the Eco Village orchard. Beautiful nature and green trees will provide occasional shade to runners.

The start of the run and the finish of the overall race are at the change zone, the finish plane is in the Eco Village area, right next to the change zone. Run a full circle along the path around the lake on the right side of the road, clockwise, and one additional circle along the path through the Eco Village orchard. The surface of the trail varies from solid asphalt, macadam over footpaths.

  • The organizer will provide refreshment stations with water on the running track and at the exit from the change zone
  • In the runing part of the competition, the number on the body written with a marker should be clearly visible
  • A competitor must not run with a bare torso / without a jersey, nor may he run without shoes in any part of the race
  • The organizer will mark the trail with visible signs

Change zone

The change zone is located in the central part of the Eco Village. The entrance to the zone is on the southeast side, and the exit is on the opposite side. The direction of movement through the change zone is one-way and is shown in the picture below. The inpatient, ambulance, and changing tents will be located at the shift zone.

Check-in to the change zone

After opening the check-in change zone, competitors will be able to enter their equipment and place it in their box marked with the competitor's start number. At the entrance to the change zone, there will be judges who will control the competitors. Competitors are expected to pay attention to the following when entering:

After entering the change zone, competitors must find the intended place for themselves based on the start number. After that, place all the equipment inside the box so that nothing protrudes outside the box. Exception:

  • sneakers may be in front of the box
  • the helmet can be on the bicycle

The bicycle should be mounted on a bar, seat or handlebars, as shown:

Examples of poorly prepared change zones: